Lets’s Talk About Cotton

Since before the holidays, we have run into a serious problem that has affected us all….

It goes by the name, Out of Stock…blanch scream

As you may know, the most serious issue has been with our Cotton Décor.

We know the pain you are feeling, because we are feeling it too! We don’t ever wish to be out of anything, especially something as popular as cotton.

We have been playing a catch-up game with shipping items.

Please, know that we have a lot of stock on order and will fill all orders as quickly as we can. on on our end.

Unfortunately, during these next few months popular cotton products like our 22” wreath, 28” wreath, and cotton stems, will be out of stock online.

unsure blanche


To get these items, all you need to do is place a PRE-ORDER:

  • Call us at 1-800-762-7939 or 770-729-8995 to place a cotton PRE-ORDER.
  • You will not be charged until we ship your order.
  • Placing a PRE-ORDER is the only way we can guarantee you get what you want.
  • All orders that are being taken now will be shipped in April.
  • Please order in an anticipatory fashion; we cannot always add on to orders!


  • We are on your side!
  • We are trying to help you the best we can!

as they sayHang in there! We can all get through this together!

We know that when your business is flourishing, then so is ours!

Cotton is on the way!!!











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