Spring Cleaning

It’s finally spring time, so you know what that means…Spring Cleaning!

We have created a list of easy things to do at home and at work that will help you jump start your spring cleaning:

  1. Clean out your Email Box

    • Go through and delete all 5,000 emails until that annoying little icon disappears
    • Unsubscribe from all those emails that you never even look at; this will help your inbox from filling up so fastunread-mail-number-iphone
  2. Clean out your Computer

    • Is your desktop so cluttered that you can’t even see your wallpaper background? Then it’s time to delete some things.
    • Do the same with all those old file folders and pictures. You’ll feel less stressed when you look at your computer, and it will help your computer run faster.
  3. Clean out your Phone/Tablet

    • Delete any apps that you never use
    • Go through and delete any unnecessary pictures
    • Make sure all the apps you do use and your device is fully updated
    • This will give you more room for storage and may even help it run faster!
  4. Get rid of Loose Papermain

    • Create a stack of all loose paper and take the time to go through it.
    • Organize and file the paper you need to keep, and throw away the other.
  5. Clean out the Junk Drawer

    • Whether you have 1, 2, or even 3, cleaning out your junk drawer will make you feel a lot more organized and clean.
    • Buy some drawer dividers to help keep your drawers stay organized once you’ve cleaned them out.

We hope this list gave you some new ideas for spring cleaning! Who knows, after you complete this list you may want to Spring Clean your whole home and office!cleaning

When its time to tackle those big tasks, check out our wire baskets for easy stylish organization.

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